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>> gregg: fox news alert. new information on the twin terror attacks in norway as that country copes with the deadliest day since world war two. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: and i'm heather childers. a bombing of a building and shooting at a youth camp on an island nearby has left 92 people dead but that number could climb as police search for four or five people still missing from the camp. >> gregg: and attack turning a beautiful setting into a killing field. today we are learning the gunmen blasted away for 90 minutes.
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the suspect dressed as a policeman giving no warning about the carnage he was about to release. those who survived describe the chaos. >> he had a bag with many weapons and armor. he had a lot of ammo. >> he was like a police officer. >> he had all the clothes, the guns and everything. the police don't use guns. it was terrifying. >> we were together and he came and tried to shoot. >> he was going around killing people. >> gregg: we're learning the 32-year-old suspect bought six tons of fertilizer before the massacre but investigators want
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to know if he acted alone or if he had an accomplice. gregg burk has the latest streaming live from oslo? >> that is one of the key questions. was the suspect working alone or not. police are definitely looking into that. good news the suspect is talking to with police and he has left a lot of evidence both of what happened in with the bombing. meanwhile, the search continues around the island. there were more than 500 young people there at the labor party camp. some are still missing. the shooting rampage came about an hour and a half there. many of those having to escape via the water jumping out into the water. saying it was a disastrous. they describe an absolute nightmare. >> many of us saw people, i tried to save them if i could
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but there were people i couldn't do anything for. >> the people ran out and he would just shoot them. >> did you see that? >> yeah. and he was like shooting everyone. he wasn't thinking. he had some problem. yeah. i don't believe this is true. >> it's really bizarre and scary. >> reporter: the number of dead is currently at 92. that number is expected to rise. police are saying that it is looking increasingly like an oklahoma city type bombing. even in the type of explosive that was used, apparently a mix of fertilizer and diesel fuel.
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meanwhile, the suspect identified as the 32-year-old nor yeejian, he is described by police he was really not on their radar screen. he did have a background in a group but was not one of extremists they were looking for. he was against the multicultural experiment. it looks clear things in norway will change. this was a very peaceful calm place, will obviously continue to be so but people are going to be a lot more careful. >> gregg: greg, thank you very much. >> heather: the u.s. debt crisis going down to the wire. an emergency meeting at the white house ending abruptly yielding no solution. a top republican saying that lawmakers are committed to working on new legislation and
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avoiding a default. white house is urging congress to give up political game playing and do its job within days of the august 2nd deadline. wendall, did they make any progress at all? >> reporter: progress is to recognize they are out of time. it's not just the august 2nd deadline for raising the debt ceiling, it's the markets. they hope to have an outline of a plan by the time they open on monday and by the time asian markets will open tomorrow night. boehner walked out of the talks yesterday. it lasted an hour and republicans leaning toward one that takes the deficit cuts agreed to and raises the debt ceiling nearly that much. that would satisfy house speaker
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boehner's bottom line but it wouldn't satisfy the president's demand that the debt ceiling be raised enough to last through next year. they say unless that happens, interest rates could rise and we would go through the whole thing again in five or six months. >> heather: is the president still puck for higher tax revenue? >> he says that the only way to make it fair to ordinary americans otherwise they will bear the burden in cuts, in medicaid, medicare and social security. here is a bit of what he had to say in today's internet address. >> before we ask seniors to pay more for medicare we should ask the wealthiest taxpayers to give up tax breaks we simply can't afford under these circumstances. that is the heart of the approach. serious cuts balanced by some new revenues. >> republicans say higher taxes will punish people most likely to create jobs. in their internet address, congressman pushed for the cut,
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cap and balance plan but was shot down in the senate. >> heather: and back and forwards continues. >> gregg: which president obama calling to stop the insults and demands but many are crying foul there is too much finger pointing from both sides. >> we have now run out of tile. i told speaker boehner, i told democratic leader nancy pelosi, i've told harry reid and mitch mcconnell i want them here at 11:00 tomorrow. we have run out of time and they are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid default. >> gregg: here now with his take is managing editor of the hill, bob, good to see you. both sides appear to be guilty to border invective dz but my colleague, neil cavuto said that
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the terms of his remarks last night seemed to veer in personal attacks that could be more destructive than constructive? >> i think he does have a good point there. at the white house briefing last night. boehner bolted the talks and both sides are blaming each other. the thing is, the parties haggle and then they get a deal. but this debate is so unusual and certainly no certainty they are going to get a deal even if they do, i think it will be difficult to get 218 votes in the house and 60 in the senate. remember this could be filibustered with a deadline to get a deal was actually on friday. >> gregg: unless they avoid the filibuster through reconciliation which andrews, a democrat who has been talking about. look, more to your point. the knock on president obama he
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has not bothered to make any relationships in washington. is that a weakness or a defect in his presidency that now manifests itself in this crisis? >> i think that is a yee point. president obama vowed to change washington. he has been very frustrated and he has not been able to. just like president bush promised to change washington. president obama, republicans and democrats privately tell us that the president has not reached out to them over the last couple years. his relationships are not like president reagan had with tip o'neill when they were dealing with legislation. john boehner and obama didn't have a much of relationship. sure they went and a golf outing. mitch mcconnell is not really a lot of deep relationships there. harry reid on friday was very upset with the white house because he was not involved in
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some of those talks that were going on. >> gregg: so it's not just the cross party animus but intraparty feuding, to borrow a legal phrase, does it compound the felony here? >> it does. democrats are so frustrated with the tax deal that obama struck in late 2010 and now they see the president was willing to raise the el jubl for medicare, social security and they said wait a minute. you are blinking don't get beat by the republicans in this negotiation. i don't think they will be there for the president. the president was indicating he could bring a lot of votes in any type of deal. i'm not sure that is going to be the case. >> back in 2008, the first vote on tarp actually failed and the stock market plunged by about 800 plus points. it was mayhem on wall street, lawmakers were inundated by
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angry americans calling them and e-mailing them because they saw their 401-k retirement accounts vanish. then there was revote and passed are the markets going to have to crater again and it could happen on monday in order to get washington's attention here? >> yes. nancy pelosi said this. recently the markets are going to have to drop 400 to 500 points to shake up, to have both sides. i think she is right. there has to be a plunge in the stock market and then both sides come together. right now, they are not close to a bipartisan deal. >> heather: extreme weather alert. brutal heat wave that is gripping america is not taking the weekend off. national weather service says a handful of states remain under a
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heated advisories. a wave of hot temperatures smashing records, 140 million americans with muggy and humid conditions. >> i've never seen this before. >> that is the plan. >> it's about hundred, maybe more. >> heather: julie i was out there in central park. i could not breathe. >> julie: today a bit of an improvement. 95 degrees but right now an excessive heat warning in new york city area. an air quality alert in effect, as well. obviously people breathing in this hot air, especially for the elderly and children can be very dangerous. in fact the heat wave being blamed for dozens of deaths across the country. in fact in lieu i wiville, an 18-year-old landscaper died
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thursday night. he had a temperature of 110 degrees. on friday, the medical examiner's office in chicago listed heat stress or heat stroke as the cause of death for seven people. in north texas, it was the 22nd day in a row above 100 degrees. here is one doctor who warned of the dangers. >> it takes several hours to restore oneself after a day in the heat. drinking cold water, relaxing and being in a cool environment. that is air-conditioning for three hours a day is very protective in terms of heat stroke or dying in your apartment. >> julie: the national weather service is warning of more oppressive heat to come, heat in the 90s for much of northeast in parts of oklahoma, new york, new jersey and connecticut. a meteorologist with the national weather service says new york is experience go what they call the urban heat island
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effect. all the concrete and black top warms up and stays hotter longer so overnight there is a little relief. temperatures didn't get below 80 degrees in some places. in chicago, residents trying to beat the heat also drenched with overnight rain storms dumping up to 7 inches of rain and forcing the closure of expressways and roads and knocking out power to more than 85,000 people. air quality alerts for most of the northeast and also with more power demands, that means that the power supply companies are going to be working even harder. the ozone layer is being damaged by the excessive heat. however, the good news come monday we're examining northeast to get back to normal, back to summertime in the 80s. we're looking forward to that. certainly it's been a blistering week in the northeast and much of the midwest. those power companies are asking people to conserve where
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they can. >> gregg: big question when can folks expect relief from this sticky heat. meteorologist maria molina in the extreme weather center? >> depending on where you live. in you live in the upper midwest or northeast you are expected to get relief. parts in the southern plains, oh man, texas and dallas, texas and triple-digits for days to come. parts in the southeast are not expecting any relief. northern parts, a cold front is going through the region but 95 in new york city. and it feels like 101 in new york. 106 is dallas, texas. so those dangerous levels of heat and humidity. there are a number of affected heat warnings out for those areas shaded in red also across portions of the midwest.
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that is where we could see heat index values up to 120 degrees. take a look at them from yesterday. 124 in wilmington, delaware and many other areas are looking at extremely high heat index values. throughout the great lakes it is going to produce some severe weather. as we head into tomorrow, it will look better but still a hot one for new york city at 93. >> gregg: maria, thanks very much. >> heather: definitely on the hot out there. in a beating of a fan that happened on baseball's opening day. the beating left a father of two in a coma for weeks. they arrested the wrong guy to begin with. >> ggg: it wasn't halloween. this congressman made headlines when his staffers reported
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>> heather: sad news out of london, amy winehouse is dead. they found the body at a home after someone called an ambulance. the cause of death is not immediately clear but the 27-year-old struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years. the grammy award singer cancelled her tour in june after she appeared drunk and she
4:21 pm
forgot the lyrics in the first show. amy wine house dead at 27. >> gregg: los angeles police announcing the arrest of two men that beating nearly killed a man. the original suspect in the case had nothing to do with the attack that left a father of two bryan stow in in a coma for weeks. casey stegall is live in los angeles with more on this troubling story. >> reporter: a troubling story since we have been following. this attack that grabbed national headlines happened in march. then in may, the los angeles police chief came out and said his department had arrested what it called the key suspect in this case. they then released this mugshot and this man's name. giovanni ramirez. but late this week in another
4:22 pm
development investigators said they the wrong guy and he was exonerated. he was never charged by the way in the brutal beating of bryan stow. the father of two was attacked on opening day. he remains in the hospital and most likely has brain damage according to his doctors. witnesses say stow was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head outside of dodgers stadium in the parking lot just for being a san francisco giant's fan on l.a. turf. the lapd calling the first arrest a mistake but someone else is. >> so that was very upsetting for me.
4:23 pm
>> reporter: now, 29-year-old louie sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood are behind bars. they say they don't resemble the police sketches that were circulated following the crime. the pair will be arraigned on multiple charges here in los angeles on monday. by the way, one other arrest was also made, 31-year-old doreen sanchez he is accused of driving the getaway car but she posted bail and was released from jail yesterday. >> gregg: casey stegall live in los angeles, thank you. >> heather: no rest or relaxation in the nation's capital. president obama summoning leaders to the white house searching for a deal on the debt
4:24 pm
that all sides can live. norway dealing with terrorism on its own soil. a closer look what can be done about the threat. >> we have lost many people. i tried to save as many as i could, but there were people that i couldn't do anything for.
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>> heather: time for the top of news, a pair of high speed trains colliding in china after lightning strikes one of the trains. two of the cars plummeted off the bridge, 11 people reported dead. >> gregg: almost half of all americans under heated advisories and new deaths being reported as triple-digit temperatures leave people
4:28 pm
scrambling for relief. >> heather: hundred years coming to an end of, walter reed medical center is finally closing its doors. >> gregg: back to the top story. police in norway are investigating the motive for the deadly attacks but the tragedy makes a few points clear. one that terrorism comes in many forms from muslim militants to domestic political extremists. another is that norway is not used to dealing with terrorism on its own soil. suspected gunman fired full 90 minutes before confronted by police. it took teams 45 minutes to arrive at the island where the shooting was taking place. how do you fight this sort of thing? here is former state department advisor. is it your sense they were just not properly prepared for this kind of thing?
4:29 pm
>> that's right. you heard the exception proves the rule. this wasn't islamic terrorism. it's one the first instances since oklahoma city but to defend your people. it looked like the norwegian they approach terrorism is frankly a serious matter. >> a lost terrorism is a problem in the sand navyian countries are they turning a blind eye to it? >> at the end of the bush administration, george w. bush went up to the u.n. the final speech was on the critical threat from islamic terrorism. current prime minister of norway actually took the occasion for criticizing you mentioned islamic terrorism but you didn't talk about climate change. the problem in a lost european countries if s they think about
4:30 pm
being neutral on the war on terror they won't face the threats that we face. that is not true. we do know al-qaeda and islamic terrorist movements are targeting other countries. >> gregg: when you were a diplomat you traveled to oslo and when what did you see as far as potential terrorist attacks? >> i was surprised which was long after 9/11, i was surprised you can't harden every target but you should harden the most sensitive targets, head of government works, head of state where the king lives. neither particularly appear to be well hardened, which is something obvious, car bombs. everyone has known the threat. that is when we closed pennsylvania traffic to defend the white house. why that wasn't taken and oslo, it's not a time for finger
4:31 pm
pointing. as the norwegians started looking at policy they may want to pose that question. >> gregg: the killing of osama bin laden has certainly hurt the al-qaeda terrorist organization, in pakistan and afghanistan. but anwar al-awlaki is alive and well in yemen and he is planning additional attacks against americans. is the franchise there now the lead in al-qaeda and how dangerous and what can we do? >> al-qaeda is somewhat diffuse in the islamist most of the time. yemen a fertile ground. it does seem to be emerging as headquarters of sorts. yemen as a state doesn't exist right now. it was an iffy topic when it had a president but it essentially doesn't right now. so al-qaeda finding an open door. president obama came out and
4:32 pm
said the tide of war is receding but nobody gave that message to the islamist terrorists. we this had the christmas day bombing, not the one on the flight but the on other one on fed ex shipments. >> gregg: speaking of terrorists let's talk about libya and moammar khadafy who says he is willing to talk to america but he refuses to give up his position. so what is the point of talking to the guy? >> this has been going for five months. people have said that khadafy is losing or close to making a deal to leave the country but frankly it's just a bunch of games. it on doesn't mean it's impossible but you cannot presented indicate your strategy that he will leave power. the avenues for him going
4:33 pm
somewhere has been closed off by the criminal court in the hague which have threatened to indict him. for a president to talk about exit strategies, this administration doesn't have one even though some could exist in regard to the war in libya in which we are engaged. >> gregg: great to see you and thank you very much. >> thank you, gregg. >> heather: we are in the final counted down for the u.s. debt crisis, just days from an august deadline and there is no plan to save the economy. an emergency white house meeting ending abruptly producing zero results. the question now, can the u.s. make it out of the crisis at all. james rosen is live at rotunda with more. hi, james. >> heather, good afternoon. a gop source tells fox news there may be another principal's meeting later today.
4:34 pm
this would follow the hour long session in the white house cabinet room between president obama and congressional leaders. afterwards, john boehner appeared somewhat dismissive of that session reiterating in a statement that it will be house and senate leaders will work through compromise. gop sources say they are making a strong effort to produce another plan before jittery asian markets open for business late sunday our time. in an interview with laura ingraham, speaker boehner sought calm even against the looming deadline. >> you would expect something to be on the floor for the house of representatives by wednesday? >> we don't know. these conversations have gone on, but i'm not going to tell you the president just doesn't want to do what needs to be done to solve our problems. >> both of you painting you in
4:35 pm
the corner is that a game of chicken? >> it's only friday. >> on the democratic side, fox news has confirmed reports that many senate democrats are displeased even to the point of angry with president obama and his conduct of the debt ceiling negotiations. this anger boiled over sources said when omb director briefed senate democrats on the talks. but publicly today the budget chairman said that history will treat the president well when this episode is reviewed. >> if we're going to get a plan through both houses of congress by august 2nd, that plan has to be in writing and begin the process by at least wednesday of next week. so we are very close to being out of time here. the president has to be part of any final agreement.
4:36 pm
so i think he is doing the responsible and right thing. >> sources tell fox news for them to michael the deadline, a petition for cloture will have to be filed by monday or tuesday. an oregon congressman facing serious allegations that teenage daughter and donor accusing one of an unwanted sexual encounter and as peter doocy reports, this isn't the first time the congressman has been in the spotlight. >> when somebody checked the voice mail they heard an emotional message left by a girl that graduated this is just last year, saying the congressman involved her in an unwanted sexual encounters. all the congressman has said so far, this is very serious. i have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity or stress to a young woman and her family. that is it.
4:37 pm
the newspaper is reporting this young lady is the daughter of a long time wu friend and campaign donor. she didn't call when the incident happened because she didn't think there was enough evidence. he says it was consensual and this is the not the fires tim he had to do some explaining about his activities. this photo surfaced a few months ago. it shows the law school graduate as a tiger. it came in the midst of other bizarre behavior and other e-mail messages. some staffers wanted them to enter a mental hospital. he refused blaming it on stress and exhaustion. accusations are not new to wu. he when he was stukd in stanford he had trouble trying to make a girl he used to date to have sex with him. >> heather: you are good on
4:38 pm
facebook, right? >> gregg: i don't know anything about facebook. >> heather: that is probably a good thing. i'm careful what i put on it. your friends see it. should your future employers see it, too. how a background check is cost financing people their jobs. >> and in hot water, caught on this dash cam, the did the officer overreact. the power panel weighs in. >> you told me had you a weapon. >> you weren't supposed to say that! [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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>> gregg: we have a quick programming note for you. brand-new episode is pre-hearing on fox news. it is called you couldn't stop watching. some of the more exciting moments, breaking news stories that kept you glued to your television set. >> fasten your seat belts. >> this guy is flying down the road. >>. he is on the road. >> and just plain bizarre. >> its dramatic situation, unscripted out of control. >> gregg: including balloon boy. who could forget. it's 10:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern. speaking you couldn't stop
4:43 pm
watching a major debate over the second amendment after a routine traffic stop in ohio. this dashcam video catching a cop going off on a driver. claiming that the driver did not inform him about the concealed weapon he was carrying quickly enough. even though he had a permit to do so. listen to this. >> [ bleep ]. >> i understand. >> i don't mean. >> [ bleep ]. >> are you with me. you are stupid human being? >> yes, sir. >> talking to me bleep with a gun. do you want me [ bleep ]? >> nothing. >> and people like you [ bleep ] stupid idiot. >> that officer is on leave for threatening the driver and many are wondering exactly who was wrong in all this.
4:44 pm
joining us is fox analyst, thanks so much for joining us. you are both being legal background and definitely experts. what is the law in ohio? >> you have to alert the police when you are pulled over you have a concealed weapon permit and he apparently didn't fast enough. the cop is yelling someone like that and saying all these horrible words. that seems to be way over the line. >> obviously, but this is most dangerous. when they routine stops. they say to themselves i could be killed. these routine stops. their lives of on the line. they are very excitable. so i understand why the cop was so excitable and obviously he didn't handle them well. but you have to look at the background, he's been on the
4:45 pm
force quite a long time. i don't know of any civilian complaints this cop has had in the past. >> heather: there were allegations that you could see somewhere it appeared that he was trying to show the driver his license and and his weapon at the same time. >> the officer was arate and excited but the civilian was as well. he is being pulled over and lights of flashing and being yelled at. he doesn't know what do either. >> we all have routine stops. [ laughter ] >> you know, this is a split second decision. if i don't do something, maybe i will get hurt in this intera action. if there is going to be someone that as burden. here at permit.
4:46 pm
>> why did the officer go off. >> and there is something to have the officers required to ask. what do you think about that? >> officer, here is my permit. the real danger individuals don't have it and going to get shot in the head. as a police officer you see some of the routine stops and some of them come up with guns drawn. this are already anticipating a problem or an issue. there may have been speeding k speeding involved. >> heather: should they do something before go to the car. check out the records. >> if they can. just one individual in the car they can't make those decisions. >>. >> heather: and there are other weapons laws which we don't have time to go in. media company is helping you dig up digital dirt.
4:47 pm
comments that you posted in the past seven years could be used against you. it has so many people wondering is this a new kind of background check that is fair game. >> as an employer. absolutely. if you are fool enough to post your parties and hacking out and talking about stuff that you do, absolutely. you shouldn't be posting if you don't want the world to know. >> heather: people do, united states congress men do it. >> and they lose their jobs. >> i tell my kids, don't put anything on facebook or twitter, anything that you don't want your employer or future employer seven years how on out to tout see. you don't put anything out there that you don't want people to see. i agree. i think its valid tool for employers or soon to be employers. >> first thing you do, you go
4:48 pm
into facebook. what have they posted. what are folks talking about you. download it immediately because invariably somebody will change their facebook after delivering a lawsuit. >> heather: is there something that potentially loses a job because of this or doesn't get the job? >> how can you move because it was on facebook. it's easy in the old days when you went through f.b.i. and check you out and interview your preschool teacher. you didn't clear. here future employers don't have to tell you. >> there are some cases. if someone posted sexual orientation, there are protected category. >> you can't discriminate. >> but have specific categories you will have lawsuit for. this is a big case come down the pike, if you talk about your boss on your facebook, you can get terminated, not that you are
4:49 pm
talking about your work environment with your co-workers. so if you are talking about the co-workers it's protected. >> it's interest can. >> all these different classes we have to look at. >> heather: we're not done yet. a powerful new addiction gripping everyday americans, we'll tell you why weaning yourself over the worldwide web, it's much more serious addictions like alcoholism. plus remember the monkey bars, the merry go rounds and swings what is behind the new saferer playgrounds? is the change really better for our children?
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4:53 pm
>> heather: we're back now with our power panel. sometimes it's about politics but it could be a major debate concerning the safety of american kids physically and mentally. safety regulations are preventing kids from conquering their fears, our power panel -- i can't say that today -- >> i think it's ridiculous.
4:54 pm
i broken many bones on playgrounds -- no. you can't be pampering them all the time. they may fall down, there may be wood chips. why? >> there are lots of lawsuits out there. frankly, if there aren't that many, parents saying i'm going sue, sue, sue when my kids get hurt, i got plenty of scrapes and bruises. all of us have had them on the playground, but here we've got a country that is all about let's sue and blame someone else. >> shouldn't you say enough of plaintiffs lawyers and what, parents have to sign off every time they go to a playground. >> not be a bad idea. i think there is something. you fall off. like you are going to fall down
4:55 pm
in life. >> other thing is, you learn. you learn things, there is heat, don't put your hand on it. you learn about trying to avoid these conflicts and issues and what not. >> i've fallen more than once on a jungle gym. >> and internet addiction, may be more serious but researchers are finding asking to give up smart phones for one day showing withdrawal symptoms similar to drinking and smoking. do you think this is real? >> i think it's just stupid. don't you wanting to on via ka indication and not have your cellphone and blackberry. >> on my honeymoon. >> now, everybody expects
4:56 pm
immediate gratification. i want a response immediately. [ laughter ] >> but it's true. i have a problem with it. like i can't disengage. i'm constantly checking twitter. >> heather: thank you so much. we'll have you back. and gregg you have some news to tell us about. >> gregg: new details coming on the nightmare in norway. we have a live report from oslo at the top of the hour. we'll be right back. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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5:00 pm
as that nation and the world mourn the violent loss of life. new details emerge about how these two attacks happened. >> will they ever find common ground? weekend of frustration and finger-pointing in washington over our nation's debt. we go live to the white house and capitol hill. greg tkpweg the searing heat -- >> gregg: the searing heat isn't helping washington or most of the nation now. we find out if in is any relief in sight. >> heather: first, a an alert out of norway. police looking for evidence and potential bombs. 92 people died in yesterday's shooting rampage at a summer camp. we are hearing that the bomb was an oklahoma city-type device made of fertilizer and diesel fuel. the suspected gunman is expected to be arraigned monday.
5:01 pm
greg burke is streaming live from norway with the latest. >> reporter: a come called picture coming out of -- coming out. police said he wasn't on their radar screen. he had a back ground of conservative right wing parties. extremists say there could have been neo-nazi links. more than 500 people on the island part of a labor party summer camp. some are still missing after the shooting rampage that happened. it lasted an hour and a half. it is what people have described as a harrowing experience. >> they all ran. >> everybody was scattered around the island hiding all
5:02 pm
over. after a while when i saw a bunch of people getting killed, i jumped into the water with someone else. and then i swim about half and i was having a cramp out of nowhere in my leg i was nearly drowning. >> reporter: police saying the bombing downtown apparently connected with this. aimed at the labor party prime minister. it was happening right at the heart of the government. police saying it is now looking more and more like an oklahoma city bombing. even in the type of explosive used. police saying the suspect who surrendered almost immediately when confronted that seems training for someone who had just killed 85 young people there on the island. police not ruling out that there was a second person
5:03 pm
helping him doing the killing massacre on that island. a lot of people trying to escape into the water. police getting a look at his car, at his farm, at his apartment. so he has left a lot of pieces for them to take a look at. finally, the latest news is not coming out of norway but finland. before the bombing took place, he had actually sent a very long document to a finnish political party nationalist party it was called the declaration of independence of europe. it suggests that he was very much against multi-cultural experiment immigration in europe. >> heather: still a lot left to unfold, thank you greg. >> for more on this, let's bring in fox news terrorism analyst walid, always good to see you. the ability of one individual to be able to carry out such an extensive killing field is
5:04 pm
frightening. does it a message not just to norwegians but to those of us in america? >> absolutely. it sends a message to all democracies, where you have freedom to buy what you want almost, to move where you want. and you are not detected by authorities unless you actually start your actions. this gives a big margin for individuals who in this case, by the way, are smart. they have had experience in life. he was a manager, a farmer. he knew what he wanted to do. in addition, he had a very long three, four years of posting online his political thought. now we just heard he sent a document to a political party in finland. so he had enough time to do what he had to do. >> sure. the lone wolf is always sort of troubling. it is difficult for intel to pick him up. why were the first reactions directed at jihadists? >> that's a good question. mainstream immediate most of us in the counter terrorism
5:05 pm
community have immediately looked at the jihadist threat because of past experience. norway was threatened by zawahiri, al-qaeda, it is part of the nato operation in libya and there were threats against norway versus nothing that has preceded this terrible act since world war ii as the norwegians have said. and there was a press release issued by a jihadist group. when they captured the guy and start looking at what he blogged about, it is not jihadist. >> >> gregg: you have been looking online at what the suspect has been writing. what can you tell us? >> many of in europe, and now in the united states, are trying to frame his thought. they would call him ultra conservative extremist, christian fundamentalist, et cetera. he has a different story. he criticizes the nazis. he criticizes severely the
5:06 pm
communists his enemy as your reporter said multi-culturalist governments. thirdly, he criticize deeply what he calls muslim immigration or migration to his country. he calls himself a nationalist. meaning somebody who wants to go back to the previous status quo his own identity of his perceived norwegian identity. his thoughts are well-known. many bloggers share his views what is unknown is why did he click and chose to do some despicable barbarian acts? >> it doesn't seem to be typical ideology many does he write about violence in his blogs? >> that's a good question. i would invite analysts to read his blogs, about 40 pages now available in english. they can go to google and find it. there is nothing that says, this is the enemy. these are the nonbelievers. go at them. he talks about ngo known
5:07 pm
government organization he's going to have a publication, weekly publication, long e-mails or posting about that. what clicked him into the violence that only suicide bombers would almost do or other terrorist was do is something still we have to wait for. i think his statement when he was being quoted before are going to enlighten us. >> gregg: you read his blogs and everything he's done online and an there's a huge leap to violence, because you don't see it online, do you? >> i don't think what he wrote has a direct connection to what he's done. i think his statements and i think he surrendered because he wants to make a statement. he did something out of the ordinary, because many bloggers around europe and here share the same thoughts. they have not produced violence, they've not called for violence. he has done something that he can make a statement about it. >> gregg: that kind of cold blooded mass murder, especially of children at
5:08 pm
point blank range is diabolical, heinous and awful. we've -- we have to wait and see next whether he was the only person. walid phares, thank you. >> good to see you. >> heather: the balance over raising the federal debt ceiling going into over time. president obama, congressional leaders gathering at the white house this morning for a brief time to discuss a way forward. no agreement was reached. all who were there, president say they are committed to getting a deal done before the nation defaults on its debt. wendell goler is live at the white house. it sounds like there's a battle brewing over a short term debt ceiling increase, yes? >> reporter: there is. the president says his bottom line is increase that is large enough to last through all of next year. john boehner's bottom line is it canning the deficit by more than the debt ceiling is
5:09 pm
increased. after the day's one hour meeting congressional leaders instructed their staffs to work out a plan. republicans will propose taking the cuts agreed to in the talks chaired by vice president biden and raising the debt ceiling nearly that much which would get the country part of the way through next year. jay carney said: a short term extension could cause our country's credit rating to be downgraded. causing harm to our economy and causing every american to pay higher credit card rates and more for home and car loans. republicans don't see it that way speaker boehner's aides suggests the president's reelection campaign is why he doesn't want another fight over spending cuts six months to a year from now. >> heather: hadn't republicans agreed to increase tax revenue before president obama asked for more? >> reporter: they had agreed to 800 billion dollars in additional revenue many the president however noted that some senate republicans had agreed to a bipartisan plan
5:10 pm
that raised two trillion in additional revenue. the president would much rather negotiate with senate republicans than the tea party-backed republican in the house. so it was significant that the house today -- the republicans today let a house member deliver their saturday internet address. here's what hensarling had to say. >> if we are going to avoid any type of default and downgrade. if we are going to reach job creation in america the president and his allies need to listen to the people and work with republicans to cut up the credit cards, once and for all. >> reporter: speaker boehner said if a written statement, after today's talks: over this weekend, congress will forge a responsible path forward. the goal to have some kind of plan in place before the markets open monday. if possible, before the asian markets open tomorrow night. heath health thank you -- >> heather: thank you. >> republicans, democrats digging in their heels about what must be included in that
5:11 pm
debt ceiling deal. is a stalemate turning into a lose-lose for both sides? we'll have a fair and balanced debate, straight ahead. >> for all the latest go to >> >> gregg: fox news alert. retired general john shalikashvili has died at the age of 75 he served under president clinton. president obama issuing a statement reading in part: >> gregg: let's go back to wendell goer. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: the president called general shalikashvili a genuine soldier, statesman whose extraordinary life represented the promise of america. he came to this country as a polish immigrant at the age of 16. learned english from watching
5:12 pm
john wayne movies. president obama called him an only in america story. said as you noted, by any measure he made our country a safer and better place. >> gregg: as chairman of the joint chiefs he strengthened our alliances in europe and asia and formed closer defense ties with russia and championed the partnership for peace with the former soviet union. wendell goler thanks very much. millions of americans are suffering through yet another day of press sieve heat. hot -- of oppressive heat. from the central united states to the east coast leading to many blackouts. all time record high temps. tragically, a number of deaths. julie banderas is live outside our new york city headquarters. around the triple digits? >> it is but starting to drop slowly. we are now at 94°.
5:13 pm
bottom line it has felt like over 100° here in new york city. the oppressive heat here does not compare to texas, where if you take a look at video we have for you. video that you obviously can't tell how hot it is, you can only imagine what it feels like there. in north texas, today was the 22nd day in a reabove 100° h this summer the area has had 28 days over the 100° mark. with the searing heat comes doubt-like conditions. water levels in many lakes are rapidly decreasing, causing water levels to disappear. the heatwave being blamed for more than a dozen deaths around the country. 18-year-old landscaper died thursday night in louisville, condition condition. he was found to have had a temperature of 110. friday the medical examiner's office in chicago listed heat stroke as the cause of death for seven people there the danger continues. the national weather service
5:14 pm
warns more oppressive meet is in -- heat is in store. making for a miserable summer. >> as you know body sweating i never been through that >> i don't have no air conditioner or nothing, just the fan that's it. >> it is hot. >> in chicago residents trying to beat the heat drenched with overnight rainstorms dumping up to 7 inches formsing the closure of several flooded s and roads and knocking out more than -- power for more than 85,000. it is almost nighttime here on the east coast which means a bit of relief until tomorrow. a lot of people complaining they've never sweat like never in the last week. i heard one woman say i didn't know legs sweat. did you know gregg that legs sweat? >> gregg: leave it to you to teach me something new.
5:15 pm
>> yeah, my shins were sweaty today. >> gregg: that conjures up an image. julie banderas, thanks. >> not a pretty one. >> is there any relief in sight? meteorologist maria molina with more on that. i was out in central park yesterday, 104° officially, 115 with the heat index, miserable. >> very miserable. that that's the story. that's what we've been tacking about for a week. still -- been talking about for a week. new york city 94° is the current temperature. 101 in raleigh, north carolina. 101 in dallas, texas you heard julie mention the 22nd consecutive day of 100° weather, not looking good for them. will continue across the southern plains for another week. as you head into the northern portions of the u.s. minneapolis looking at relief,
5:16 pm
currently 84 . -- 84°. cooler temperatures are headed eastbound by monday. you factor in the humidity. actual temperatures are toasty. then look at current heat index with humidity factored in. feels like 106 in dallas. 107 in kansas city. 100 in new york city. 103 when you head out in cleveland, ohio. that's why we have a number of heat warnings[am;w or excessive heat warnings or advisories across eastern portions of the united states as well as the midwest. values up to 120°. yesterday we did see that wilmington, delaware 120 four° was what it felt like when you headed out. people need to take this -- seriously. otherwise, cool front across portions of the great lakes will be bringing in more showers and thunderstorms, you saw images of flooded roads
5:17 pm
base of heavy downpours. tomorrow cool day across portions of the northern plains. 83 height in minneapolis. looking better, dallas another 100° day, 103, new york city 92. monday closer to normal across the northeast with a high of 82 in new york. >> heather: thank you maria molina reporting for us. >> gregg: i'm trying to rid myself of the image of sweaty shins. >> heather: they say it is bad if you stop sweating. don't be afraid to sweat it is good if you in the heat. >> gregg: thanks julie you have the ability to make us laugh and us out simultaneously. >> bolt of lightning blamed for a horrific train accident. new information on the number of dead and where it happened. >> the debt fight in washington going nowhere fast. is it a no-win situation for the u.s.? >> remembering a controversial, but talented singer. new details on the death of amy winehouse.
5:18 pm
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>> gregg: police in norway say the again man who opened fire on an island of young people kept shooting for an hour and a half before surrendering yesterday. eight lost 85 people were killed. he's also suspected in a bombing in oslo that kill seven people. >> 32 people dead dozens injured when two trains collide in china. lightning hit one train causing it to lose power. then it was hit from behind by the other train. >> amy winehouse has died. the 27-year-old was found in her home in london. winehouse struggled for years with dug and alcohol abuse. -- with drug and alcohol
5:22 pm
abuse. >> heather: congressional leaders scrambling to get a debt deal done before our nation defaults. they met with the president earlier today. sources telling fox news house republican leadership may release a plan this weekend. still, some analysts say the longer this drags on, the more both sides lose politically. here now chairman of the civic foreign pac and former director for rural out reach for john mccain's campaign and president of new heights communications thanks for joining us. as we start, people are not happy. let's take a look at two "washington post" polls that just came out. they are not happy with either the president or members of congress. the poll, if we have it that talked about the president first. economy, budget deficit, taxes, disapprove in all three categories. similar for republicans.
5:23 pm
also, disapprove across the board, the economy, budget deficit and tax. who has the most to lose if there is no agreement and the country defaults? kristi? >> sure, thanks for having me heather. it is going to be a calamity not just for president obama or speaker boehner, but most of all for the american people. they are the ones who are going to lose out if we default. millions lose their jobs. we are not going to be able to pay our troops. millions of seniors waiting on social security and medicare checks may not get them. because republicans are not willing to give up on getting tax breaks to billionaires and corporations. >> heather: what do you think ford? >> president wants to be captain america on this issue but he looks like doc dodger. we are going to lose more jobs, it is a lose-lose for both parties. republicans are going to wind
5:24 pm
up shouldering more of the blame because the media is rooting for president obama. we have to get it done jobs and economy are what matters to americans. >> heather: president obama said the time has run out. speaker boehner said more of the same. is this becoming basically a he said/she said political blame game? where do we go from here christy? >> first i do believe that the republicans are going to shoulder more of the blame if this deal doesn't get done. not because of the media. it is because americans know that republicans are the ones who caused this debt in the first place through two unfunded wars. these tax cuts for millionaires. now they are trying to again, hold our economy hostage by again trying to put forward these -- >> heather: just out of curiosity do you consider a millionaire? >> i consider people who have millions of dollars as
5:25 pm
millionaires. >> heather: maybe not $250,000 a year and above? >> i think more than 90% of people do not make that, ma would be thrilled to. people shouldering the blame on this deal are going to be the most vulnerable. the people that rely on medicare checks and social security checks. >> taxes and regulation are killing the economy. you guys won't admit. if we keep taxing and regulating, no growth, it is that simple. you guys make this too complicated. taxes and regulations are killing this economy. and this president has raised the debt in two years more than the last guy did in eight years. you gotta be kidding me! >> heather: there were hints leaders may be narrowing in on a smaller plan this alert just coming, u.s. democratic leaders saying they will not accept any short term agreement on deficit reduction on raising the nation's borrowing limit. that coming from harry reid saying that saturday. so, basically does that mean
5:26 pm
no small term deal, ford? >> the bottom line is harry reid once again is playing politics. he wants to hold on to the senate. if we have a short term deal his leadership is threatened as is president obama's reelection. we are probably going to wind up with a short term deal. this is the issue of the decade. until we are fiscally wise we have a spending problem not a revenue problem. the american people are suffering because of it. >> heather: christie do you think the lack of the big deal or grand bargain undermines president obama's brand? >> yes. president obama has shown he is willing to get big things done. take on the big issues. he's shown that with the historic health care reform bill that he was able to get passed, when many other presidents have not. republicans know this as well as anybody that's why they are throwing up roadblocks at every opportunity to prevent him from getting something big
5:27 pm
done. >> heather: how about this, if by some miracle of miracles we reach agreement in time, who gets the credit? not necessarily who is to blame. who gets the credit if we manage to do this? >> the media will make it out president obama's leadership. the reality is we have to compromise. tax hikes -- are not a solution. we have to go dollar for dollar debt sealing to debt and cut it. and move on from there. >> heather: christie? >> i think that president obama will be seen as the responsible leader in these negotiations. republicans have walked away from the table. they've left him at the alter, if you will. >> you guys are in control of washington, not us. >> americans are seeing the irresponsible lengths that republicans are willing to go to. >> heather: i think both sides have walked away from the table. president obama himself walking away from the table as well. >> president obama has bent over backwards during this debate.
5:28 pm
he's willing to put forward up to three trillion in spending cuts which included painful cuts from our side to social security, medicare that would not make the democratic base happy. he was willing to do that. republicans were not willing to do the same. >> heather: i don't know, i think the bickering will matter when it comes to the 2012 elections if nothing else from both sides. >> we are worried about the future. we don't want to kick the can down the road many this is the issue of the decade. we have to be fiscally responsible. we are two steps from greece. when we get downgraded we will be one step from greece. we have to wake up. at the end of the day this is tied to jobs and commission. we have to pay attention to this issue carefully. >> heather: christie, ford, thank you for joining us. ford you can explain to me who duck dodger is? >> gregg: new problems for tucson shooting suspect
5:29 pm
jared loughner, his chilling words to a psychologist. we'll tell you what he had to say. >> an or again congressman with a history of questionable behavior is in the middle of a scandal. what he's reportedly an losed of doing. >> big update in the story of the baseball fan brutally beaten in the front of dodger stadium. police making a par of arrests. their neighbors, shocked. >> do they appear to be rabid baseball fans? >> at least one jersey, nothing bad. they don't run around partying and drinking and yelling dodgers and stuff all day. they don't seem like those type of people. to eat like i sh. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. new details on the bomb that exploded in norway's capital. reports that it was an oklahoma city-type device made of fertilizer and diesel fuel.
5:33 pm
shooting rampage lasted an hour and a half 85 people died. seven died in the oslo bombing. >> gregg: new information that tucson shooting suspect jared loughner was put on a 24 hour suicide watch this month. he asked a psychologist to kill him. six died, 13 others, including arizona congresswoman giffords were injured. >> heather: retired general john shalikashvili, former chairman joint chiefs of staff died at age 75. he served under president clinton. president obama saying by any measure he made our country a safer and better place. >> new controversy surrounding oregon congressman david wu. reportedly accused of having an unwanted sexualwmx encounter with a young woman. last year -- [ unintelligible ]
5:34 pm
>> reporter: when someone's check a voice mail at wu's office they heard an emotional message left by a girl who graduated last year saying the congressman involved her in an unwanted sexual encounter. all the congressman has said is: this is very serious and i have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention or stress to a young woman and her family. that's it. the newspapers reporting this young lady is the daughter of a long time wu friend and campaign donor. and she didn't call the cops in november when the incident allegedly occurred because there weren't witnesses and she didn't think they had enough evidence. wu admits something sexual did happen. he says it was consensual this is the not the first time he's had to do explaining about his extracurricular activities. this photo surfaced a few months ago. he sent it to his staff. it shows him dressed as a tiger. it came in the midst of other
5:35 pm
bizarre behavior. some staffers wanted him to enter a mental hospital. he refused. blamed the weirdness on stress and exhaustion. accusations of this kind aren't necessarily new to wu in 1976 he go in trouble for trying to make a girl he used to date have sex with him. >> heather: peter doocy in washington, thanks. >> gregg: new arrested in the brutal bating of a san francisco giants' fan outside of dodgers stadium. two men facing felony charges for the attack on brian stow who remains in the hospital four months after the beating. casey stegall covering the story in los angeles. what led police to the new suspects? >> reporter: investigator are not releasing that information. we are not releasing what specific evidence let them to the two they have in custody. they are also not releasing their mugshots, at this hour. what they are saying is that two men have been arrested.
5:36 pm
29-year-old loui sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood. they will be arraigned monday. both are accused of caring out the violent beating on -- carrying out the violent beating on opening day. the victim targeted for being a giants' fan. with news of the latest arrest comes word of a big public relations mess for lapk. -- lapd. the department saying this man who they out toed as the primary suspect since main -- since may, turns out is innocent. >> i want told the world that ramirez is no longer a suspect. the initial evidence and identifications which lead to his arrest have been refuted by an investigation that has involved dozens of detectives. >> reporter: ramirez was exonerated, but remains behind bars on a separate parole
5:37 pm
violation. it has been interesting to watch lapd back off this initial story they've been reporting since may. >> gregg: how is brian stow doing? that's the most important part of the story. >> reporter: yeah, it is. he remains at a san francisco hospital. his family says he's making gradual improvements this week he had surgery to remove fluid on the brain. the father of two is improving. he has his eyes open. and attempted to hold up his thumb or two fingers. one of his caregivers saying he mouthed stow. when he was asked what his last name was. eyewitnesses say that man was repeatedly kicked and punched in the head, during that attack. his doctors have said he most likely suffered some type of permanent brain damage. >> casey stegall live in los angeles, thank you. >> heather: a group of law makers from both parties in
5:38 pm
both houses gathering at this moment on capitol hill in the office of john boehner. they are struggling to reach a compromise that will get the nation's fiscal husband in order. several proposals have fallen by the wayside. a fall-back plan by harry reid and mitch mcconnell is maybe still on the table. james rosen is live on capitol hill with the latest >> reporter: good afternoon. in a statement earlier this afternoon, john boehner said it would be the house and senate lead thraers would -- leaders that would work toward a compromise that omitted any mention of president obama or the white house. sources tell fox news they are working to produce a viable framework to nays the nation's 14.2 trillion dollar debt ceiling. in that -- before asian trading markets open for business late sunday night our time. a leading senate democrat in
5:39 pm
the negotiations, a member of the so-called gang of six was asked today whether the prospects for a short term fix of some kind are being enhanced by this looming all 2nd, deadline? senator conrad, democrat of north dakota said perhaps those prospects are being enhanced. but he hopes the negotiators will continue to try to strike a long term deal. >> if we are going to get a plan through both houses of congress by august 2nd, that plan has to be in writing and begin the process by at least, by at least, wednesday of next week. look, we are very close to being out of time here. and the president has to be part of any final agreement. so i think he's doing the responsible and right thing. >> reporter: speaker boehner traded harsh words with president obama late friday after their private talks part in large measure because a late insistence by the white house on additional revenues from tax increases.
5:40 pm
mr. obama portrayed boehner as captive to the fiscal hawks in his party, particularly, members of the tea party caucus in an interview with laura ingraham for the o'reilly factor friday night, boehner dismissed that notion. but did express some annoyance with one high profile member of his conference. >> is there a tea party revolt going on? >> no. i work closely with all of our members. our members frankly, i understand -- understand we have to cut spending and increase the debt ceiling before august 2nd. >> not michelle bachmann. >> i understand some want to take the chance and go past august 2nd. my members understand i think that is very dangerous territory. frankly, takes away leverage that we now have. >> reporter: the top democrat in the senate, majority leader harry reid issued a statement minutes ago saying that he
5:41 pm
continues to oppose any short term fix for the debt ceiling. he says, we will not send a message of uncertainty to the world. the word is watching. those asian trading markets start 8 p.m. eastern time sunday night. >> heather: we will see what happens. thank you very much james rosen reporting. >> gregg: ronald mcdonald is grimacing, truce me. not about the hamburg . after a major court decision involving happy meal toys that many kids love. -- >> i love them. >> gregg: while and whacky world of comic conventions from superheroes to zombies. we'll show you the creative and downright bizarre attendees. >> we are from florida. we decided to be ninja turtles. >> i'm spider girl. i like spider-man so i wanted to be the mail version. we're just enjoying -- to be
5:42 pm
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5:45 pm
>> gregg: mcdonald's not so happy with a court decision. losing a bid for a class action lawsuit. you have to understand what going on. mcdonald's is accused of unfairly using toys to lure children into its fast food restaurants. take a listen to the sacramento mom who file the lawsuit. >> that really concerns me that mcdonald's has that kind of influence on my children. and on the things they would request from me on a regular basis. growing in an e-mail -- >> gregg: in an e-mail mcdonald's says: >> gregg: is this lawsuit nonsense again the golden arches? here to talk about it mercedes
5:46 pm
cohen and lis wiehl. >> basically what the plaintiff is saying, not the plaintiff, the mother. what she is saying is toys are making kids obese. i thought fatty food made people obese, whatever. she is suing under the consumer protection laws in california which says you may not engage in deceptive advertising. what's deceitful about giving a kid a toy? >> because they've got a consultant on the record who says we are trying to get to the parents' wallets through the toys. it has nothing to do with the meals. the kids unable a lot have come in and said kids under eight can't distinguish. >> gregg: you can fan a consultant to say anything. the moon is made of swiss cheese. >> where is the deception? where is the omission? there is none of that! that's where there's a violation. there's a happy meal and a toy,
5:47 pm
by the$óñ way you the parent are in control. >> gregg: we are going to put up on the screen, this is the happy meal, the number one advertised happy meal. here it is, four piece chicken mcnugget, apple dippers, low-fat carmel dip . >> gregg: that's what they primarily advertise for the happy meal. how in the world lis, does that make kids fat? >> this is chicken mc -- chicken mcnumber gets 400 milligrams of sodium. kids they -- they are not reading this that's why the food is -- the suit is going forward in california. >> gregg: how about parents just saying no. >> exactly right. if you look at the complain. the plaintiff's mother says it
5:48 pm
is causing aúãstrain between my relationship with my two kids 6 and 2. because i feel like i can't say no. say no. if you look at mcdonald's there are other healthy choices in the meal. instead of fries you've got the apples. >> gregg: cracker jack has a toy it in and has had a toy in cracker jacks since 1912. not for the toy. >> what about the cereals? what cereals have toys? the sugary toys. a kid eats this more than three days they are going to balloon up. >> here's what the plaintiff had to say: >> gregg: miss parham have you
5:49 pm
heard of a parent that says no? >> all the happy meals and toys are at down at a kid's size. 4-year-olds right there at that level. [ talking over each other ] >> follow me to this rabbit hole. what if you buy a box of cereal that has a toy in it that is a violation. >> gregg: here's a legal issue. mcdonald's advertises to kids, it is clear. the first amendment protects commercial speech. doesn't mcdonald's have a first amendment free speech right here? >> yes. but you have to realize we are talking about federal law versus state law. this case was the lateest movement was denied because in mother said this case isn't worth that much. i just want a few bucks to make it go away. >> gregg: she has not shown how her kids or she have been
5:50 pm
harmed by this. there is no showing that her kids are obese. >> in the complaint she said i do say no to my children. it is just the rancor that i have to deal with when i say no. >> it is beyond that you have to realize when you go into mcdonald's it is not healthy. >> gregg: nice try lis wiehl, mercedes cohen, thank you: we'll be right back. mud? ye, dirt? do you think the two of us will ever find the one? well, we've been left behind by so many mops and brooms... aw, man! ...but we have got... see ya! ...each other. ♪ what about love?! [ male aouncer ] swiffer attracts dirt. the 2 in 1 swiffer sweeper uses electrostatic dry cloths to trap and lock more dirt than broom and uses dirt dissolving wet cloths to clean better than a mop. you're quite the pickup artist!
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>> gregg: polls tightening ahead of the 2012 presidential election. >> heather: latest rasmussen figures show a tie with republican front-runner mitt romney leading president obama by one point. here now scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports. one point in between the two. what do you think scott? >> this tells us if the election were held today it would be very close. 15% of the swing voters who would decide it. the answer comes in what these numbers are like in november 2012. >> gregg: scott, tell us about some of the other potential and existing republican candidates matching up against the president. >> simply put, the president has a lead against every other republican. some are very close of he's up
5:55 pm
by five over rick perry. seven over michelle bachmann. his lead gets bigger against candidates like mccain and huntsman. when you look at numbers you have to realize the front-runner always gets a boost. romney getting 8 out of 10 republican voters to support hill. michelle bachmann and rick perry only getting 7 out of 10 republicans to support them. >> heather: we've heard about the generic ran. we heard a lot about that. what in reference to the generic republican? >> generic ran now leads the president 47-41. two things of significance. first, the president is slipping in this measure as the debt ceiling debate unfolds. it is clear we are having some negative impact on him. secondly the president is ahead against most of the named republicans. a little behind -- again the generic republican this is shaping up to be a close election. unless conditions on the ground change a lot over the coming year. >> gregg: does that suggest
5:56 pm
that most voters are not happy with the republican field? >> not really. some of the issues are name recognition. there's a been. of factors that go into why there's a gap. the number that i would pay the most attention to now in terms of the general tone is the generic number. and i would combine with it the number of the republican front-runner. >> gregg: what about the debt ceiling? >> people expect the debt ceiling is going to be raised. 76% say something is going to be done no badly how they mess things up they will keep paying the bills. there's a a great deal of suspicion 3 out of 4 believe middle class taxes will end up being raised. overall taxes will go up more than they should. and spending will be cut less than it should. and that's the natural cynicism of politicians being watched by voters >> heather: now do people feel about it being partisan politics? >> not well.
5:57 pm
people think the republicans in congress are behaving in a partisan manner, they think democrats are and they think the president is too. what we see is most voters are unhappy with both political parties in the debt ceiling debate. >> gregg: scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports, thank you. >> thank you. >> heather: that does it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville taking over. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow at 4 p.m.. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
5:58 pm
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